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Our natural approach to healing and health

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on creating the right
environment for optimal health. This includes clean healthy wholefoods that are right for
your body, clean filtered water, enough exercise, sleep and sunlight, and appropriate stress

When a garden has good soil, water and sunlight, it thrives. Likewise, when the right
elements are provided to the body, it supports your biochemistry to function at optimal
levels. This triggers your innate healing system to work effectively at preventing disease
and keeping you healthy.

When the above factors are not enough to bring about health and wellbeing, there may be
underlying genetic factors, issues with the gut and microbiome, hormonal issues, thyroid
issues or other pathological factors that are contributing to health problems. As qualified
and experienced Naturopaths, we will be able to initiate the appropriate pathology or
functional testing to find any interfering factors to your health.

We uncover the cause of your symptoms and start from here

Allopathic medicine (modern medicine) is derived from synthetic or man-made constituents found in plants. Allopathic Doctors are very good at matching drugs to alleviate symptoms. While this can be helpful and beneficial to the client at a point in time, the consequence is that the underlying cause is not addressed. A good naturopath will not use natural medicines to treat symptoms but will instead find the cause of the problem.


We use appropriate pathology and functional testing as well as conducting a thorough case history to work out which organs and body systems are not working properly and the reasons behind this. With a greater awareness about the cause of your symptoms, only then will we prescribe natural treatment which may consist of dietary advice, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, homeopathy and German Biological Medicine.


By addressing the causes of your symptoms, and giving your body an optimal environment, your innate healing system can have the best chance to restore health. We have worked in conjunction with Integrative Doctors for several years, for the best health outcomes for our clients. We are very happy to work with your local GP to help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

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