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German Biological Medicine

German Biological Medicine also called Sanum therapy, integrates modern medicine and traditional natural medicine and is based on Dr Gunther Enderlein’s (1872-1968) germ-based theory. It refers to the cyclical development of bacterial forms naturally living within our body. These can develop upwards into pathogenic forms and downwards towards symbiotic healthy forms depending on the PH of the milieu (the environment that surrounds cells within the body). 


A healthy symbiotic relationship with these bacteria and our body relies on a healthy milieu PH, and a healthy milieu PH is reliant on a healthy diet and lifestyle. These bacterial forms can be seen through Live Blood Microscopy to help us assess your presenting conditions.

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Dietary and lifestyle factors that can weaken or change the PH of the milieu are:
  • poor dietary choices

  • a sedentary lifestyle

  • increased alcohol intake or drug use

  • not enough sleep

  • a stressful lifestyle

  • exposure to environmental toxins

  • stressful relationships

  • negative thoughts

  • negative emotional states

  • dehydration


Any of these can impact the milieu causing changes to the alkaline/acidic PH which in turn causes healthy microorganisms to change via pleomorphism into pathogenic forms of bacteria, fungus and viral forms. 

The metabolic processes of these forms are highly toxic and harmful to body. Enderlein also associated certain forms of microorganisms with certain diseases. Early development into pathogenic forms may present with headaches, high or low blood pressure, feeling poorly, fatigue, tiredness, poor appetite, dull complexion, coated tongue, ulcers in the mouth, pimples, sores, hoarseness, catarrhs, ear noises, diarrhoea, reduced vision and/or hearing, depression, anxiety, weakness, poor concentration and memory. 

Long term these symptoms can develop into diseases including vascular changes, pathological changes in blood coagulation, rheumatism, arthritis, spondylosis, tonsillitis, lymphogranulomatosis, diabetes, gout, tumours, anaemia, leukemia, cerebral sclerosis and paralysis.

German Biological Medicine was developed with specific biological remedies to address the changes in the milieu and bacterial forms

It stimulates the body’s own healing capabilities to downregulate the pathogenic forms of bacteria back into healthy forms, eliminating any toxins from them, and healing specific tissues and organs of the body while normalising the body’s PH levels.

The remedies aim to stabilise the symbiotic relationship between the microorganisms and your body based on species identical microorganisms. 

Along with diet modification and lifestyle changes, German Biological Medicine has huge success in many ongoing health conditions and is widely used in Germany and throughout Europe by doctors as a first line treatment.

We incorporate these medicines into our treatment protocols as needed, and changes can be viewed through live blood microscopy, but more importantly felt by our clients.

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