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“My mission is to find and treat the cause of your health issues in the minimal amount of time at the lowest expense to you, and to help you maintain your health, wellness and vitality”

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Free 10 min Introductory Consultation

Meet Kim Carolan and see how she can help you. No fee. Online or phone consultation only.

Initial Consultation

A thorough case history will be taken, full health assessment and discussion on the best personalised approach.

$185 per session*

*Follow up consultations vary in price and are based on time.

Face to face consultation available Wednesdays and Fridays. Online available other days by appointment, call 0421 302 663

Sign Up for a Program

What to Eat and Why Mini Program

Eliminate confusion once and for all around what you should be eating and why so that you can feel confident in your food choices no matter where you are.


Includes 3 Modules, companion workbooks and a 10% donation to Just People's Charity.

Your Perfect Food Plan

An 8 Week Personalised Small Group Program to create your customised food plan based on your body's specific requirements


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