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Gain control of your food and eating to reduce inflammation so that you can feel healthy, energised and confident

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Introducing Your Perfect Food Plan

An 8 Week Personalised Small Group Program to create your customised food plan based on your body's specific requirements

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If any of the following are true for you, you're the perfect fit for this program...​

  • You're confused by all the different advice out there about diet

  • You have tried everything without lasting results and don't know what is actually HEALTHY anymore

  • You're exhausted because you're doing everything around the house and feel unmotivated even though you want change

  • You feel like there isn't enough time in the day to cook a decent healthy meal

  • You're frustrated when you have to cook a separate meal for you to the rest of the family

  • You're sick of fad diets that don't work

  • You want to create a healthy lifestyle but it all feels too hard

  • You don't like what you see when you look in the mirror anymore

  • You're overwhelmed with the idea of planning weekly meals

Imagine waking up every morning knowing exactly what food your body needs to feel energised and ready to take on the day! 

Now, you might be thinking...

That sounds AMAZING, but I feel like I've tried everything to get my health back on track and nothing has worked for me.

If you're anything like the clients that come to me, you're probably thinking

'why will this work when nothing else has'? 

Maybe you've tried the Atkins diet, the Keto diet, the juice fasts, intermittent fasting... the truth is, these diets do work - but only for some people and usually only for a period of time. This is NOT another fad diet. Every body is unique and when it comes to how we fuel ourselves, we need to take a more personalised approach. 

In this extensive program I will walk you through what to eat and why based on YOUR metabolism. I'll help you understand your body and the impact food has based on my holistic philosophy. You will finally understand what it takes to move forward and get out of the diet mindset.

Most importantly, you will create an exciting food plan that will help you stay on track!

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Program designed by
Kim Carolan, Naturopath

I'm so thrilled you've made it this far, and are ready to take the next step in your journey toward optimum health. 


My name is Kim Carolan and I’m a Degree qualified Naturopath on the Mornington Peninsula. I’m also a Holistic Counsellor specialising in natural depression and anxiety support as well as gut health, sustainable and healthy weight loss.


I offer a truly holistic approach to your healing. I embrace and work with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects which can all contribute to your health issues.


My mission is to find and treat the cause of your health issues in the minimal amount of time at the lowest expense to you, and to help you maintain your health, wellness and vitality.

What specifically do we cover in the program?

Module 1
Managing your mindset around food

Module 2
Automating your healthy eating

  • What is holding you back from making healthy eating choices.

  • How alcohol, caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates affect your brain and guidelines for a successful detox.

  • How to regain motivation to feed your body the food it needs.

  • The impact of stress, starvation and thyroid on your energy and weight.

  • How what you eat can change your neurotransmitters for happy stable mood.

  • Organising your food to keep yourself healthy, slim and energised without
    yo-yo dieting.

Module 3
What YOU should be eating based on science

  • What you specifically need to eat for your body based on specific calculations.

  • The impact of sleep, water and physical exercise on your health.

  • How to overcome any mindset blocks so you can stay on track.

Module 4
Building your perfect
food plan

  • Map out a specific food plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner) based on your specific requirements for 7 days.

  • How to identify the best recipes for your food plan moving forward.

  • How to manage snacking and timing of meals for yiour metabolism so you're not left hungry.

Module 5
Organising your kitchen
for success

Module 6
Managing Emotional Eating

Module 7
A Holistic Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

Module 8
How Genetic and Gut Testing Works

  • Organising your kitchen and lifestyle to help make your plan easy to stick with.

  • How to avoid making unhealthy choices at the supermarket.

  • Success tips for putting your food template into action.

  • How to identify moments of emotional eating.

  • Discover a simple and effective way to manage your emotions without relying on food addictions.

  • Simple self care strategies to keep your body regulated.

  • Finding the right type of movement to compliment your food plan.

  • Other factors that influence your success in implementing your food plan.

  • Incorporating a balanced and gentle approach to your healthy lifestyle.

  • Understanding how genetic testing works in identifying what your body needs.

  • How gut testing can help you identify specific foods to avoid.

  • How advanced science based testing can guide your food and exercise plan.

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