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Naturopathic Treatments

The Right Environment for Your Body is the Catalyst for Long Term Wellness

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellness, focusing on creating the right environment for optimal health. This includes clean healthy whole foods that are right for your body, clean filtered water, enough exercise, sleep and sunlight, and appropriate stress management. When a garden has good soil, water and sunlight, it thrives. Likewise, when the right elements are provided to the body, it supports your biochemistry to function at optimal levels. This triggers your innate healing system to work effectively at preventing disease and keeping you healthy. We specialise in the following selected naturopathic treatments because of the success we’ve seen for our clients. These treatments have enabled our clients to fulfill their health goals and achieve optimal ongoing health and wellbeing.

Dietary Modification

The aim of dietary modification is to increase the supply of macronutrients and micronutrients provided through your diet, and to make them available in high enough amounts for your body to run optimally. Your body is a self-healing entity that works tirelessly renewing and rebuilding itself through chemical reactions and biochemical pathways. These pathways require macronutrients which are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and micronutrients which are vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are required in certain amounts to produce enough energy to heal and renew the body’s structures and biochemical pathways. Hippocrates (400BC) who was considered to be the father of medicine, is famous for his quote “Let thy food be thy medicine”, emphasising the importance of nutrition to prevent disease.

Metabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance® is a balanced wholefood-based nutrition plan scientifically designed and customised to address your unique metabolic health needs. Using this approach, we’ll find out which foods in the correct amounts, are right for your body to maintain optimal weight and function. The program is totally personalised to your body based on your specific blood chemistry, food dislikes, allergies and health conditions. There are four stages to the program to re- establish metabolic and hormonal function. They can be used for the rest of your life for ideal weight, energy levels, health and wellbeing.

Nutritional Therapy

Your body is a mass of chemical reactions occurring continuously. Everything that makes up your body has been created by your body because it is a self-healing entity. Day and night the body is renewing and rebuilding itself in steps that we call biochemical pathways. If these pathways are disturbed or disrupted, the ability for the body to self-heal is thwarted which leads to disease. Nutritional therapy is the prescribing of corrective nutrients and co-factors required to restore these affected biochemical pathways. We use the highest quality practitioner-only products with no excipients to support the body’s natural biochemical pathways and bring them back to optimal levels. Essentially, we are putting back into your body what it requires for correct functioning.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the medicinal use of plants to treat disease and improve health and wellbeing. The use of herbs as medicine dates back to the fifth and fourth centuries BC and was our primary medicine until the scientific era. Herbal medicine or phytotherapy contains the whole plant and all of its constituents which are known to work together. They modulate biochemical pathways and support organs and tissues to bring about healing to improve health conditions. The scientific era saw a breakdown of the view of the whole into single constituents for both the human body and for medical treatments. For example, in standard scientific medicine, when a person presents symptoms, a drug is matched to treat those symptoms. It doesn’t take into consideration how the health issue began in the first place and the root cause. Herbal medicine addresses both the root cause as well as the symptoms. 

German Biological Medicine

German biological medicine also called Sanum therapy, integrates modern medicine and traditional natural medicine and is based on Dr Gunther Enderlein’s (1872-1968) germ- based theory. It refers to the cyclical development of bacterial forms naturally living within our body. These can develop upwards into pathogenic forms and downwards towards symbiotic healthy forms depending on the PH of the milieu (the environment that surrounds cells within the body). A healthy symbiotic relationship with these bacteria and our body relies on a healthy milieu PH, and a healthy milieu PH is reliant on a healthy diet and lifestyle. These bacterial forms can be seen through Live Blood Microscopy to help us assess your presenting conditions. Sanum medicines address both the milieu and bacterial forms.

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Holistic Counselling

This body-based form of holistic counselling is for the person who wants to make positive and long-lasting change. The modality is powerfully transformative, and unlike talk therapy, clients can feel the positive change after every session. A good state of health and wellness is reliant on the balance, harmony and alignment of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. In each session, we work on one issue through to completion. You don’t feel like you open a can of worms and then left to deal with it, taking it home with you and feeling vulnerable until the next session. Many clients experience feelings that they describe as light, safe, calm, relaxed, loving, connected and joyful after a session.

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