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Testing Helps Us Find the Root Cause

When We Discover How Your Body Functions, We’ll Know How to Treat It


Your body has a unique way of absorbing, assimilating and integrating everything around you. This includes the air you breathe, the food you eat, the information you process and the way you navigate and solve your life’s problems. As a multicultural country, we are also aware that people have a genetic makeup that goes back thousands of years in other counties and cultures. We treat each person as an individual with unique requirements to resolve current health conditions, and for ongoing health and wellbeing.


When we first meet you, we conduct a thorough and comprehensive case history to determine if and what type of testing is needed. If we choose to do testing, we’ll evaluate which tests will give us the most amount of accurate and relevant information. Some of the testing available is expensive and so it is not chosen lightly or without a thorough conversation with you. We use a selected range of tests to assess the underlying symptoms and determine their root cause.


Testing helps us piece together a precise roadmap of the issues going on in the body that have contributed to the health condition. It shows us what needs to be addressed to bring the body back into a state of health and gives you a precise course of action for treatment that is specific to your health issue. In the short term your health will return more quickly. In the long term this course of action will end up saving a lot of pain, frustration, time and money.

Types of Testing

Pathology Testing

Pathology testing (blood testing) from a Naturopathic viewpoint is used to track key biomarkers in your blood before they become a health issue. The values we look for are optimal levels which are different to the standard GP’s reference range.


This approach to monitoring helps us identify what’s required to maintain your key biomarkers at optimal normal levels. We want your body to operate as healthily as possible, and this strategy helps to prevent future health conditions and disease.

Kim Carolan Naturopathy-Pathology Testing.jpg

Functional Testing

Functional testing delves deeper into the functions of the systems on the body, taking into account nutritional deficiencies, genetic tendencies, toxicity and more. This type of testing provides a clearer overall picture focusing on physiological function and identifying how the body’s biological and biochemical processes are working as a whole and together. Some pathology and functional tests are essential in order to draw a clear picture of health conditions. With this information, we’ll be in a better position to address your specific requirements and to re-establish equilibrium using nutritional and lifestyle intervention or other required treatments. There are more than two hundred functional tests available.


These tests look at the functional aspects of the different body systems and offer insight into which system may not be functioning as well as it could, nutritional deficiencies, genetic tendencies and ways in which we can offer support to these systems. It is through functional testing that some of the most profound insight can be gained.

Over 200 Functional Tests Are Available

There are many other tests within the following categories. As trained health professionals we will help to ascertain which ones will give the most useful information for your condition and treatment:

Hormone Health
· Allergies and intolerances
· Mental health
· Environmental toxins
· Hair mineral analysis
· Gut health
· Genetic and wellness
· Cardiovascular health
· Oncology

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Live Blood Microscopy

Viewing your blood cells live in their environment gives us vital information that can be missed during ordinary pathology testing. Live blood microscopy, phase contrast and coagulated blood microscopy are the study of the components of the blood under a microscope.


Your “live” blood is the ideal medium to gain immediate insight into your overall health status. We look for various indicators to give us information about liver stress, inflammation, immune suppression, digestive problems, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and more.


Live Blood Microscopy or Analysis is not diagnostic, but rather a screening tool enabling accurate questioning of the patient about their current health situation to ascertain the underlying contributing factors. This allows for highly individualised naturopathic treatment plans to be designed to bring the body back into balance so it has the best chance to heal. 



Iridology is the study of health and wellbeing through the examination of the iris of the eye. Just like a fingerprint, every iris is unique and is used in security checks for personal identification (called biometrics).


The colour, structure, sclera and the pupil have a reflex connection to every organ and tissue in the body through the nervous system. We use this reliable form of information to gain insight into predisposing factors and to form an overall picture of your health. We’ll have a better understanding about what’s required for your body to achieve equilibrium and balance.

Kim Carolan Naturopathy-Iridology.jpg

Through optic nerves in the eyes, visual information is sent to the brain. At the same time information is sent back to the eyes from the brain about the state of the organs and tissues in your body. As part of our naturopathic approach, we assess the colour and fibre variations to determine the constitutional strength of the physical body, as well as aspects of personality which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns.

The eyes are the window to your soul and individual predispositions

It has been said that “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Iridology is a screening tool used to detect inherent individual predispositions. The colour and pattern of your eyes reflects your unique genetic inheritance from three generations before you.


Whether you develop your dispositions to the best or worst-case scenario, depends on the way you eat, drink, think, live, and love. Iridology is also a way to determine potential health issues and the opportunity to prevent illness and maintain optimal health and wellness.


Let’s Get Healthy

Free 10 min
Introductory Consultation

Meet Kim Carolan and see how she can help you.


No Fee

Online or phone consultation only

Initial Consultation

A thorough case history will be taken, full health assessment and discussion on the best personalised approach.

$185 per session* 

*follow up consultations vary in price and are based on time

 Face to face consultations available Wednesdays and Fridays. Online available other days by appointment, call 0421 302 663

Kim has changed my life. Who would have thought anxiety could stem from genetics, deficiencies and the gut. She is so knowledgeable! I had some blood work done as well as live blood under a microscope and some gut testing. Turns out I had some different deficiencies that lead to a hormone imbalance and neurotransmitter deficiency that had lead to my anxiety and low thyroid which caused weight gain and fatigue. She suggested some dietary changes and gave me a couple of supplements and herbs and I can't believe the difference it has made in my overall health and happiness! I truly thought that having anxiety and constant stress was just a part of my personality. It feels AMAZING to feel cool, calm and collect even while dealing with "stressful" situations now. On top of that, I am able to eat whatever I want again without struggling with weight gain. I can't believe there was such a simple solution to all of my issues. Life is short, and you should be able to enjoy every day of it.


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