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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the medicinal use of plants to treat disease and improve health and wellbeing. The use of herbs as medicine dates back to the fifth and fourth centuries BC and was our primary medicine until the scientific era. 


Herbal medicine or phytotherapy contains the whole plant and all of its constituents which are known to work together. They modulate biochemical pathways and support organs and tissues to bring about healing to improve health conditions. The scientific era saw a breakdown of the view of the whole into single constituents for both the human body and for medical treatments. 


For example, in standard scientific medicine, when a person presents symptoms, a drug is matched to treat those symptoms. It doesn’t take into consideration how the health issue began in the first place and the root cause. Herbal medicine is used to address both the root cause as well as the symptoms.

Herbal medicine uses the whole plant to modulate biochemical pathways and bring about healing

Drugs themselves are synthetic manufactured derivatives from the active components of plants known to be effective in treating certain health problems. While drugs are effective in treating symptoms, they do not treat the cause of the problem, often having adverse side effects. Since the cause has not been addressed it can often manifest as further symptoms or health problems which need more drugs. 


This suppressive way of treatment often sees people spiral into an unending cycle of symptoms, drugs, more symptoms, more drugs and so on. 


Herbal medicine or phytotherapy uses the entire plant and all of its constituents which work together to support the healing process. They rarely have side effects, although some people can be sensitive to certain herbs. 


Herbal medicine can work very effectively for many health conditions and can turn around chronic health conditions. It is a gentle, effective therapy for just about any health condition. The only drawback is that it takes a little longer to work than drugs and some herbs have a strong taste, but the benefit is that it can address the causes of health problems and in many cases halt the disease process without nasty side effects. 

We often use herbal medicine as part of our treatment plans. Herbs chosen will be specific for your body to address the underlying causes of your health issue and blended into your own custom liquid herbal medicine formula. 

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