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Holistic Counselling

This body-based form of holistic counselling is for the person who wants to make positive and long-lasting change. The modality is powerfully transformative, and unlike talk therapy, clients can feel the positive change after every session. A good state of health and wellness is reliant on the balance, harmony and alignment of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

In each session, we work on one issue through to completion. You don’t feel like you open a can of worms and then left to deal with it, taking it home with you and feeling vulnerable until the next session. Many clients experience feelings that they describe as light, safe, calm, relaxed, loving, connected and joyful after a session.

Action oriented, body-based psychotherapy techniques

This modality uses action oriented, body-based psychotherapy techniques and a range of tools that engage all aspects of the client by using the body’s intelligence or cellular memory. This goes beyond the conscious mind to the core issue where a deep understanding is gained that allows for the true healing and beneficial change to occur.

Holistic Counselling aims for long lasting change

We work with clients to identify limiting patterns or blocks that may be contributing to health issues, anxiety, depression, relationship issues or generally just preventing positive change in your life. Generally, not many sessions are needed to create powerful positive and everlasting change. In combination with natural treatments, (link to treatments page) we are working on many levels of your health and wellbeing – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

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