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Functional Testing

Functional testing delves deeper into the functions of the systems on the body, taking into account nutritional deficiencies, genetic tendencies, toxicity and more. This type of testing provides a clearer overall picture focusing on physiological function and identifying how the body’s biological and biochemical processes are working as a whole and together. Some pathology and functional tests are essential in order to draw a clear picture of health conditions. With this information, we’ll be in a better position to address your specific requirements and to re-establish equilibrium using nutritional and lifestyle intervention or other required treatments. There are more than two hundred functional tests available.


These tests look at the functional aspects of the different body systems and offer insight into which system may not be functioning as well as it could, nutritional deficiencies, genetic tendencies and ways in which we can offer support to these systems. It is through functional testing that some of the most profound insight can be gained.

Over 200 Functional Tests Are Available

There are many other tests within the following categories. As trained health professionals
we will help to ascertain which ones will give the most useful information for your

  Hormone health
 Allergies and intolerances
 Mental health
 Environmental toxins
 Hair mineral analysis
 Gut health
 Genetic and wellness
 Cardiovascular health
 Oncology

The following test descriptions are for a couple of tests that I have found to be very beneficial to establishing the root cause of health issues and also for establishing the best possible treatment


DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. It provides informationon Oestrogens, Progesterone’s, Androgens and Cortisol within the one test. You gain information on levels of the basic hormones, but also on their upstream and downstream metabolites (pre-conversion and breakdown products) which provides information on where imbalances are coming from so you can target the exact areas of imbalance in treatment protocols.

GI360 Test

The GI360™ Profile is a very comprehensive, clinically applicable stool profile, considering the gut microbiome communicates with all body systems and regulates the immune system and actually has the ability to switch the genes for disease on and off. This test utilises new evidence-based DNA mapping technology coupled with growth-based culture and ID byMALDI-TOF, sensitive biochemical assays and microscopy. You can see if you have dysbiosis (imbalanced numbers of bacterial species) and gain insight into the dietary changes needed to bring it back into balance. You can also see if there are pathogenic bacteria, gut viruses or parasites and how to knock them out, if there is inflammation in the gut, how the gut is functioning overall and how you are breaking food down and levels of short chain fatty acids. This comprehensive test is one of my favourites in chronic health conditions because the gut truly is the hub of your health.


This test includes complement (C3d) which is a direct measurement of inflammation in the body and therefore it is very important to include in any food inflammation test. Activation of Complement alongside the high production of IgG antibodies is a clear indicator as to what foods will need to be eliminated from your diet. KBMO can also test IgA and IgE reactions to foods giving you the most comprehensive information on which foods the different parts of your immune system are reacting to.

OAT Test

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of your overall
health and screens over 70 markers.  It provides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast
and bacteria, some environmental toxins, metabolites of neurotransmitters for insight into
their how effective their pathways are working and their levels. It also gives insight about
some important nutrients.

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